In addition to our listed author Jessica Jiminez, we would also like to thank our initial contributors Michelle Lo, Gerri Zhang, Amanda Ellis, Anah Greenwood, Angela Chan, Angelo Adam, Ashley Albano, Bernier Lauredan, Caitlin Boehne, Chanelle Dolbeare, Cheryl Neoh, Chiara Ravalli, Courtney Eng, Courtney Parks, Emily Genzlinger, Emily Lindsay, Erica Swallow, Erin Harris, Gary Chang, Gerri Zhang, Janessa Brown-Stonbraker, Jasmine Nelson, Jennifer Tai, Jeremy Sperling, Joyce Kim, Julia Barnes, Kaity Tsui, Kimberly Lew, Lauren Betesh, Lisa Raphael, Manoj Thadhani, Margaret Fabiszak, Maria Barnewitz, Melissa Boyce, Meredith Levin, Michelle Lo, Neha Patel, Olivia Chang, Patty Lee, Patricia Bradby, Renee Greenberg, Sarah Witman, Stephen Ulbrecht, and Suhaly Bautista. Special thanks to our original Guide Creative Director and Editor, Marti Grimminck and Meret Hofer.


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