Things to…Know

I wish I had practiced not using my left hand! I’m a lefty, so it was especially difficult to remember not to hand anyone something with that arm – give money, a gift, eat food, etc. – Amanda, Ghana

Even if you don’t speak the language fluently (or at all), it’s really helpful to learn simple phrases such as “Thank you” or how to count to ten. The natives will really appreciate the effort.-  Michelle, London

If you’re going to Paris, don’t watch the last two episodes of Sex & the City where Carrie’s all depressed in Paris. It’ll just freak you out. That’s not going to happen to you!-  Angela, Paris

I wish I had practiced eating with chopsticks before I left. My very first dinner in China I was starving, but I had a lot of trouble using chopsticks. – Jasmine, Shanghai & Madrid


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