Saying Goodbye

Not sure how to spend your last 24-hours of studying abroad? While some chose to revisit their favorite places others spent the night out with friends. There is no right way to have a memorable conclusion to your experience abroad.  However, we do recommend that you plan and pack ahead so you can make the most out of your last day!

If I could turn back time, I would definitely make sure to stay on top of things and not leave packing to the last minute. Also, I would try to coordinate my flight with my friends, so we would all be leaving at about the same time. Unfortunately, I ended up packing and taking boxes, which needed to be shipped, to the post office all day. Because of that, I did not even get to say goodbye to some of my friends. Looking back, I wish I had made my last day more special! – Maria , London

My last night in Madrid I spent the day going to see the Plaza Mayor one last time, and souvenir shopping. The last night was spent together hanging out with friends and dancing at our favorite nightclub. – Jasmine, Shanghai & Madrid

Since I left towards the end of summer, few of my friends still remained so for my last day, I treated myself to a generous helping of xiao long bao (a.k.a soup buns), people-watched in my favorite park and just took in as much of the city as I could – Cheryl, Shanghai

As much as I could, I spent my last day in Florence visiting all of my favorite places in the city and any of the ones I had not yet made it to.  It was kind of hard seeing some of the places for the last time before I left, but I really had a good time.  Packing was the most difficult part…I left it completely to the last minute and stayed up the entire night before my flight home. – Stephen, Florence

I went to Boboli Gardens in the morning, blew all my money on Italian CDs and a Fiorentina shirt in the afternoon, watched the sun set over the panoramic Piazzale Michelangelo in the evening, and went to my favorite restaurant, gelateria, and bar at night. It was a perfect summary of everything I had done over the past four months.– Anah, Florence

I spent my last day in Ghana with my very close friend (a local Ghanaian) and his family as well as with my roommates just hanging out and taking as much of Ghana in as we could before leaving. – Chanelle, Ghana

I spent my last day saying good bye to friends and going to the Champ-du-Mars one last time. If the weather had cooperated, we could’ve actually stayed there and hung out but, alas it started to rain. That was probably the best way to really spend my last day though, seeing that many of my friends I met at AUP do not go to NYU. – Angela, Paris

For the last day, I would love to go to the Pudong Pearl TV Tower with my friends. A perfect end to that would be cooking a meal with my friends and sitting down, having a nice dinner to share all the memories and experiences we had. – Jennifer, Shanghai

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