Out of Context

Thanks to globalization, you can find a McDonald’s or Starbucks just about anywhere. You can find them dotting the streets of London or a block away from your dorm in Shanghai. While the name is the same, sometimes what’s on the menu is different. It’s a taste of America – with a twist!

In Madrid, they have a version of Dunkin Donuts. Everything’s the same, except that it’s called “Dunkin Coffee.” – Stephen, Florence

Although I would never eat at TGIF when I am in New York, it was the only place in Madrid where I could find sour cream. – Jasmine, Shanghai & Madrid

Food-wise, fast-food joints were located everywhere – Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut were close to our dorms. – Jennifer, Shanghai

There are only a few Starbucks in BA, but Starbucks is put to absolute shame by any Recoleta cafe where you can be served your cafe con leche and medialunas on actual dishes in great atmosphere (for 10 pesos!). –Courtney, Buenos Aires

Going abroad and eating at McDonald’s is not only a bit lame, it’s way more expensive! But if you ever do happen to stop by a McDonald’s in another country and take a peek at the menu, you might notice these differences…

IN GERMANY – You can order beer with your Happy Meal.

IN PARIS – They have a brunch option… croissants, of course!

IN SHANGHAI – Duck sandwiches! Served with lettuce and dressing.

IN BUENOS AIRES – Check out the kosher McDonald’s in Abasto Mall.

IN PRAGUE – Introducing the McCountry burger: like the double cheeseburger, except with pork.

McDonald’s abroad carries a different connotation. They seem to be nicer and cleaner in other countries. – Olivia, London

At McDonald’s in London, they offer McFlurries with Cadbury bits. – Michelle, London

Things you’d never expect…

– T.J. Maxx in the United Kingdom

– Shop-Rite in the Accra Mall in Ghana

– KFC in London offers gravy, but no mashed potatoes.

– 7-11s all over Sweden

– Mugs and dishes for your drinks at Starbucks in London and Prague

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