More On Being…A Woman Abroad

Italian men were more aggressive than those I encountered in the streets of NY. But at the same time, while my friends and I found ourselves constantly approached, we also felt that they were pretty harmless; they would usually say something along the lines as “Ciao Bella,” but if you ignored them or walked away from them, they typically didn’t follow.

–         Renee, Florence


Most men there are not used to women standing up for themselves, and although occasionally you will encounter men who just don’t want to hear it, most men are intrigued by the idea and willing to get into an intelligent debate with you.

– Emily, Ghana


My favorite part about being a woman in France is that for the most part, the men really respected me. They helped me with my French while I was ordering and pointed me in the right direction when I was lost.

Janessa, Paris

I felt that women are generally considered less intelligent, or at least less worthy of being listened to in terms of finance, politics, and other conversation topics I find really interesting. I sometimes felt put out that other men or boys my age thought it silly if I put in my two cents, but it’s just a different country where that kind of treatment is the norm.

– Amanda, Ghana

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