Missing Home

One day, without warning, it might hit you. You miss home. You miss your friends back in New York or your sister back in Ohio. You suddenly don’t want to be abroad anymore. Or it might not. Either way, it’s okay. But if you do miss home, here are some things that could make it a bit easier.

My family was great – they sent me a care package with ingredients for Jamaican food, and I definitely wouldn’t have found those items in China. It was good to have a taste of home, plus I had the chance to share my culture with local friends. – Julia, Shanghai

One place that myself and many of the other NYU students frequented a lot was a cafe above a grocery store that sold a lot of American food called Max Mart. Max Mart had the most delicious iced cappuccinos and amazing donuts. It was a nice place to go to sit and relax at a New York-esque cafe with coffee and donuts, especially because coffee, something I have everyday in America, was almost non-existent in Ghana. – Chanelle, Ghana

There is an American food store called Taste of America that sells marshmallows, mac & cheese, maple syrup, and brownie mix that I had been missing. I made an entire American meal for my European roommates. They had never toasted s’mores before…– Heather, Madrid

I loved going to Starbucks or McDonalds. Not talking to my family when I missed home is a good strategy so I wouldn’t miss home even more. Going out and doing something either with friends or by myself in the city brings me back to Paris.  It reminded me how fortunate I was and how amazing the trip was! – Laura, Paris

One of the hardest things about being abroad was keeping in touch with my friends back home. I felt that even though communication was easy, I didn’t spend enough time talking to them. It was a contradictory feeling because I wasn’t homesick at all, but I felt bad that I was barely talking to my closest friends and not keeping up with their lives. – Jennifer, Shanghai

I went to Bohemia Bagel. Everyone that works there speaks English and they have BAGELS and tuna fish sandwiches and pancakesbasically you feel like you’re back at home. They had unlimited refills on soda and you could sit there all day if you wanted to, so a lot of my free afternoons were spent there, doing homework or just sitting with my friends, talking and guzzling Coke Light. – Joyce, Prague

Around spring break, a bunch of my friends hosted an “American Party” for charity. It was well needed.– Anah, Florence

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