Encountering Cultural Differences: Standing Out from the Crowd

PAPARAZZI – Chinese people would take pictures of me when I wasn’t looking. I’d only find out about this after the fact – someone would tell me, “Hey, that guy just took a photo of you and ran off!” My friends would actually look out for people aiming a camera in my direction when we visited touristy places, so they could scare them off. I guess that now I know what it’s like to have paparazzi following me around! – Julia, Shanghai

STARES – Women at the gym would literally stare at me when I would be changing for the shower or into workout clothes. They were so curious to see what I looked like and it was just odd.– Melissa, Shanghai

UNWANTED COMMENTS – I think that while many of the European countries are very open and accepting, it was still awkward walking around certain countries (Italy, Greece) as an Asian person because sometimes people would give me or my friend the most random comments. – Olivia, London

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