Encountering Cultural Differences: Sexism

I was waiting to meet some friends for lunch in Grenoble, France.  I was standing in a slightly wide stance (my legs a tiny bit apart) in the middle of a piazza in the center of town in broad daylight and a full grown man just crawled down on his hands and knees like a dog through my legs and he thought it was hilarious.  Since when is that socially acceptable?  In that situation, I would advise a girl just to leave the scene, and to not give the man any attention, because that’s exactly what he’s looking for. – Erin, Paris

As white women in Ghana, men felt they could just grab us and touch us even when we were dancing at a bar, or just walking through a marketplace. In my workplace, men would constantly ask me out on dates and take pictures of me while I was working.– Lisa, Ghana


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