Embarrassing Moments

It’s bound to happen and it’ll probably happen at the worst time possible. No matter how hard you try to go with the flow, there will be that moment where something just… weird happens. Don’t worry – it happens to everyone. Just try to laugh it off. At least now you have a great story to share!

Going salsa dancing in Madrid, I told a guy who asked me to dance that I had to change into my dance “zappos” first, thinking that the word meant “shoe” because of the online shoe store.  Only after using this vocab about a million times did I learn that “zappo” means toad, and I had really been fishing for “zapato”!  I still blush thinking about the dozens of guys who were probably whispering throughout the salsateca, “Don’t dance with that one…she’ll sick her pet toads on you!” – Sarah, Florence & Madrid

I was trying to demonstrate to my class how to play a handheld video game and actually ended up making the offensive ‘thumbs up’ sign over and over.– Emily, Ghana

I think my neighborhood eighty-year-old postal service worker asked me out. He asked me to get some coffee some time. I couldn’t tell if he was just being really friendly, was lonely and wanted some company, or if he was just really sketchy. To be safe, I chose a different post office. – Anah, Florence

I was yelled at in the supermarket for failing to use a disposable plastic glove before touching the produce.- Stephen, Florence

I referred to a doll’s “pants” when tutoring at a primary school in London. In Brit-speak, “pants” means underwear.- Kimberly, London

I ate a brownie at Coldstone Creamery by mistake because I thought it was for sampling! Cheryl, Shanghai

Basically anytime someone asked me something in French and I would have to explain my broken French that I really didn’t speak French. – Angela, Paris

My most embarrassing moment definitely was after a hair-cutting malfunction – I had to shave my head completely bald for all to see. – Bernie, London

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